Modular Solar shipping container PROTOTYPE

ROBEAR Solar shipping container Toowoomba

ROBEAR Electrical have recently prototyped a modular design solar shipping container.  This would effectively give 10.44Kw of solar power with 184Kwh of battery storage in three phase 415Vac electricity.  The modular design allows this unit to be deployed to where power is needed either in an emergency or for relocatable power supplies.  This would effectively replace a diesel generator.  No services or oil changes are required nor is filling with fuel on a daily basis. This reduces running costs and maintenance costs as well as having ZERO noise.

This design would allow a mobile office building to be powered without noise, starting and stopping of generators, re-fueling or weekly oil changes like would be required when using conventional generators.  This eliminates the risk of contamination of soils, spills of oils, fuels and chemicals along with removing noise pollution.


Contact us today to find out the specifications of our prototype or have one customised to suit your requirements.